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  •    "SHAKE YOUR FAITH" now available on itunes and cdbaby! 


  • "gorgeous ragged soul. A triumph!"       AmericanaUK


 Thanks to Scott Franchuck at Riverdale Recorders for keeping this train on the rails, Miles Wilkinson for some fine mastering and Jeff Sylvester for some cool artwork. Also a big thanks for some great musical contributions from Duke Paetz, Thom Golub, Bob Tildsley, Terry Morrison and Dale Ladeceour. Check the reviews from No Depression and americanaUK on the reviews page.



"Shake your Faith" is the most recent project by Kevin Cook. A diverse collection of songs that run the gamut from dance inducing to hypnotic. "Too Good To Be True", "Quirky" and "In The Middle Of The Night" might be considered love songs if they weren't so emotionally restrained and slightly cynical, but they ring true when Cook invokes Charles Buckowski to claim "Love is a dog from hell".  In a related theme "Yellow Belly" addresses the suspicion that men never really grow up when it comes to approaching women, they are perpetual adolescents.  "Yellow Belly scared to death, if you're waiting for me babe... don't hold your breath.".  Despite Kevin's often guarded emotional observations, he manages to produce a heartbreakingly sensitive portrayal of an ordinary waitress who has been hardened by a tragic life in "Cold as They Come".

The faith shaking starts with "Early Warning", a softly apocalyptic tune with background wailing courtesy of Dale Ladouceur and Terry Morrison.  Kevin explains the title track "Shake Your Faith" ( a gospel/blues offering) was inspired in part by a documentary he watched featuring the notoriously hateful crackpots of the Westboro Baptist Church and their raging pastor with his lip chewing lies.  This led Cook to peruse the writings of Hitchens and Dawkins.  Still, in his understated style it is not an indictment of religion but an insightful observation of the dangers of dogma. The rollicking chorus will have you waving your hands like a born again Pentacostal. 

"Lazy Gringo" is a sleepy, soulful Spanish lullaby meant to be enjoyed with Sangria and sandals.

Finally, "Dog on Dog" is already a festival favourite sing-along. Dogs can be a nuisance and a menace as he hilariously points out, but don't be fooled, Cook is a life long dog lover who has adopted numerous sob-story-strays                 


oct.29  the smokehouse in Edmonton

nov.6 &7 big al's house of blues with the subterraneans 



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shake your faith